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Thermaltake FN CL-F162-PL14SW-A SWAFAN EX14 RGB PC Cooling Fan White Brown Box

Thermaltake FN CL-F162-PL14SW-A SWAFAN EX14 RGB PC Cooling Fan White Brown Box


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SWAFAN EX14 RGB PC Cooling Fan White TT Premium Edition (3-Fan Pack)
SWAFAN EX incorporates a new magnetic force design for quick connection among fans with its 12 V cable and at the same time keeping the swappable fan blade design. Daisy-chaining up to 3 fans per cable improves fan connection efficiency and convenience while enhancing cable management for PC building.
Quick Connect with Magnetic Force Design
The magnetic force design is used on the 12V cable core and the fans to achieve quick connection. Simply placing the cable to the fan or having the fans lying side by side, the magnet connectors will instantly draw the fan frames together while keeping them in place, thus powering and lighting up the fans by daisy-chaining them. This design keeps the assembly process simple while reducing installation time, making this fan more user-friendly and bringing extra fun while building your PC.
Say Goodbye to Most of Your Cables
Eliminate cable usage and stray away from crazy cable management by using this Magnetic Force Quick Connect Design fan. You only need to connect one cable to power up three fans at once, making PC building even faster and easier.
The Ultimate Cooling Performance of an RGB Fan
The design guarantees optimal cooling performance under different conditions, like installing fans on thick radiators or air coolers or even a chassis with multiple filters that are difficult to have air naturally pass through.

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