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Thermaltake Fan CL-P075-AL12BL-A TOUGHAIR 510 Air cooler Retail

Thermaltake Fan CL-P075-AL12BL-A TOUGHAIR 510 Air cooler Retail


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A single tower dual fan designed CPU cooler equipped with two optimized 120 mm high static pressure fan and a newly designed heat sink, guaranteeing its outstanding performance.

Single Tower Dual Fan Design

TOUGHAIR 510 is a single tower duel fan designed air cooler with 4 heat pipes running through the fins, the U-shape heat pipes increase heat circulation creating better heat dissipation in your system and supports up to 180W.

Enhanced 120 mm high static pressure Fan

TOUGHAIR series utilizes high static pressure fans, which leverages the TOUGHFAN 12 design and boosts the fan speed to 2000 RPM, providing a new level of cooling performance to our CPU cooler.

Asymmetric Fin Structure

The fin is designed with an asymmetric structure that allows larger air intake through the fins. This design lowers the air turbulence and straightens out the airflow making it easier to disperse heat from the fins, delivering superb cooling performance.

High-Performance U-shape copper heat pipes

4 x Ø6 mm heat pipes directly touch the CPU and thermal paste. The U-shape design creates perfect circulation for better CPU cooling performance.

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