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Thermaltake Fan CL-F138-PL14SW-A Swanfan 14 RGB Radiator Fan Retail

Thermaltake Fan CL-F138-PL14SW-A Swanfan 14 RGB Radiator Fan Retail


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SWAFAN 14 RGB Radiator Fan

SWAFAN 14 RGB features a swappable fan blade design that allows you to switch between 2 types of fan blades included in the package, so you can create the ideal airflow for your chassis without compromising the aesthetics of its RGB lighting.

Take a Good Look of this Super Cool Fan!

Guarantees optimal cooling performance under different conditions like installing fans on thick radiators or air coolers, or even a chassis with multiple filters that are difficult to have air naturally pass through.

The Black Labeled Standard Fan Blade has an air pressure of 3.12 mmH2O (Max) and airflow of 77.6 CFM (Max).

The Silver Labeled Reverse Fan Blade has an air pressure of 2.59 mmH2O (Max) and airflow of 71.3 CFM (Max).

Cleaning Fans are now Easy and Fun!

Pop and insert, it is that easy.

If you want, you can even rinse the fan blades with water, just make sure you dry them thoroughly and apply bearing lubricant that is include in the package if needed.

Unlocks the Full Potential of RGB Lighting,

so no more sacrificing aesthetics for your airflow direction; SWAFAN can now do both!

Showcase your RGB Lighting Like Nothing Else

Three independent LED rings with 30 LEDs allows you to create your own lighting patterns with the TT RGB PLUS 2.0 software.

Better User Experience and Better Lighting Effects

SWAFAN adopts an all new 4th generation software controller that can increase connection stability while syncing up TT RGB Plus supported products, allowing 16.8M RGB color lighting effects to match with any theme you wish.

Caution: Due to voltage limitation, it is recommended not to connect more than 3 SWAFAN/Riing Quad/Riing Trio fans to a single controller. You can only add a maximum of 6 SWAFAN/Riing Quad/Riing Trio fans with 2 controllers by a single 4pin molex cable.

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