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SKYLOONG GK87 Hot Swap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kit RGB

SKYLOONG GK87 Hot Swap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kit RGB


Certainly! Here are some features for the SKYLOONG GK87 GK87S 87 Keys 80% TKL Custom RGB Switch LEDs Hot Swap Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Kit:

Colors: Black/White

  1. 87 Keys: Compact design with 87 keys for a streamlined gaming experience.
  2. 80% TKL Layout: Tenkeyless design saves space on your desk while maintaining essential functionality.
  3. Custom RGB Switch LEDs: Fully customizable RGB lighting for each key, allowing for personalized lighting effects.
  4. Hot Swap Mechanism: Easily swap out switches without soldering, allowing for customization and easy maintenance.
  5. Mechanical Switches: Utilizes mechanical switches for tactile feedback and optimal gaming performance.
  6. Durable Construction: Built to withstand intense gaming sessions with a sturdy and durable build.
  7. Programmable Macros: Assign macros and custom functions to keys for increased efficiency and gaming advantage.
  8. Detachable USB Cable: Convenient detachable USB cable for easy transport and storage.
  9. Anti-Ghosting Technology: Prevents key ghosting and ensures every keystroke is registered accurately.
  10. Compatibility: Compatible with various operating systems and gaming platforms for versatility.
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