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MSI MN Pro MP341CQ 34 VA WUQHD 3440x1440 21:9 100Hz Matte Black Retail

MSI MN Pro MP341CQ 34 VA WUQHD 3440x1440 21:9 100Hz Matte Black Retail


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“Work with the most immersive and professional style. PRO MP341C Series is your window to the world. No matter you are watching a lecture, copying data between spreadsheets; no matter you are programmers and coders, stock market pros, or YouTubers, just make your idea & imagination come true.”

The PRO of Work & Life

Broaden your horizons with the ultra-wide 21:9 PRO MP341CQ Series and enjoy every detail of your movie.

The PRO of Work & Life

Use it as dual monitors and work with multiple windows at the same time or check your timeline and materials without adjusting or changing the using area.

100Hz High Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate display provides a better viewing experience. Also, the more images shown at the same time, the less burden will impose on your eyes.

Curved for Productivity & Comfort

Enjoy the most immersive viewing experience with its 1500R curvature for your work & amusement.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Focus on what you are doing with a comprehensive and natural viewing angle.

Comfortable for Eyes

A more uniform focal distance brings you a comfortable viewing experience.

Curved for Comfort & Ease

Ideal for working and amusement with less eye fatigue zone and ultimate viewing comfort.

TÜV Certified – Protect Your Eyes With Anti-Flicker Technology

Thanks to MSI Anti-Flicker technology, a stable output current for the monitor is provided. It will help against dry eyes, eyestrain, and lower the chance to need reading glasses in the future.

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