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MSI MN Modern MD271CP 27 VA FHD 75Hz 4ms 16:9 Curve Retail

MSI MN Modern MD271CP 27 VA FHD 75Hz 4ms 16:9 Curve Retail


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Curved for Productivity & Comfort

Enjoy the most immersive viewing experience with its 1500R curvature for your work & amusement.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Working professionals across industries can benefit from the unique construction of the Modern MD271CP which creates a more comprehensive and more natural viewing angle for you to focus on what you are doing.

Comfortable for Eyes

You have to shift your eyes from the center to outer corners of a traditional monitor, which means that your eyes have to refocus million times while working with it. A curved screen keeps the focal distance more uniform, which means that your eyes are actually doing less work with fewer refocuses to bring you a more comfortable viewing experience.

Curved for Comfort & Ease

Modern MD271C Series reduces eye fatigue, you can track smoothly across the entire monitor with a constant viewing distance. It is perfect for working and amusement with ultimate in comfortable viewing even when you work with it for extended periods.

TUV Certified –Protect Your Eyes With Anti-Flicker Technology

Thanks to MSI Anti-Flicker technology, a stable output current for the monitor is provided. It will help against dry eyes, eyestrain, and lower the chance to need reading glasses in the future.

TUV Certified –Protect Your Eyes With Less Blue Light Technology

The Less Blue Light Mode filters visual exposure to the blue spectrum light during daily use scenarios and bring the most comfortable viewing experience for users.

3000:1 Contrast Ratio

Modern MD271C Series delivers a 3000:1 Static contrast ratio for a deeper black and more brilliant white in even the darkest and brightest scenes.

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