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Lian-Li Fan GA2P36W Trinity Performance 360mm White Retail

Lian-Li Fan GA2P36W Trinity Performance 360mm White Retail


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Galahad II Trinity Performance

• 3 interchangeable pump looks that can be customized with L-Connect 3

• Factory installed with daisy-chainable radiator LCP fans

• Pump motor speed goes up to 4200RPM

• Includes a newly designed pathway, copper plate and larger impeller for better waterflow for liquid coolant

• 45-degree tubing connector with tubes’ inner diameter increased to 7mm


Galahad II Trinity Performance pump is larger than the regular one so that it accommodates upgraded components to efficiently cool the CPU.

Compare to the Galahad II Trinity, the performance version has improved:

Copper Plate Fin Spacing 11% larger

To prevent substance buildup over time.

Pump Impeller 15% bigger

To deliver water efficiently

Motor Speed 31% faster

To gain stronger water flow

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