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Lian-Li Black 140x140x28 mm Retail

Lian-Li Black 140x140x28 mm Retail


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Building on the design success of the UNI FAN series, the UNI FAN TL series takes clutter-free setups to the next level.

Durable Daisy-Chain Solution

Experience a hassle-free setup with the slide-in daisy-chaining mechanism, securely holding the fans in place and ensuring a snug fit for easy configuration.

Seamless Connection

Featuring both male and female ends, the cable can be connected to both sides of the fan, providing enhanced flexibility and ease of installation.

Well-Adapted for all Configuration

Besides the removing interlocking key, the TL fans includes connection covers the exposed connections at the end to prevent short circuits while improving compatibility.

10 fans in a Row and up to 16 fans

Enable connection of up to 10 fans to a controller port using the extension cable, which offers ability to create up to 4 clusters in a chain, with each cluster support a maximum of 4 fans for individual customization of fan RPM and lighting, allowing a truly personalized build setup such as having 3 fans on the top, 3 on the side, 3 on the bottom, and 1 on the rear.

Power till the end

Offering an extra power adapter in triple pack to connect to SATA for consistent fan speed and LED color throughout.


UNI FAN TL is engineered for high performance with minimal friction and vibration, ensuring quiet operation even at high speeds.

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