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Lian-Li CS Lancool III RGB White FullTower 4mm TG 3x140mm ARGB Fans White RTL

Lian-Li CS Lancool III RGB White FullTower 4mm TG 3x140mm ARGB Fans White RTL


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• Mid-tower modular chassis for all kinds of configurations

• Equipped with 4 × 140 PWM fans (ARGB or non-RGB)

• Featured airflow optimized mesh structure and hinged side panels

• Supports up to 420 radiator or 3 x 360 radiators and a maximum of 10 fans

• Offers 12 storage drives mounting locations

• Upgraded cable management solution for a clean build

LANCOOL III, the premium mid-tower chassis, offers better thermal performance than LANCOOL II by including 4 pre-installed 140mm PWM fans, and featuring fine mesh panels designed to ensure ample airflow is delivered to the high-end components while the system runs at peak performance.


The LANCOOL III black features a premium hairline brushed aluminum element that looks as good as it feels, while the LANCOOL III white features a minimalist white powder coating. The tempered glass panel allows showing off the internal components.


Comes equipped with 3x 140mm ARGB PWM fans that have similar performance as the LANCOOL III RGB 140mm back PWM Fan.

Front Intake ARGB Fan

300~1650 RPM / 83.5 CFM / 2.3 mm H2O

Rear Exhaust Fan

200~1800 RPM / 83.5 CFM / 2.3 mm H2O

Offering 7 colors and 8 lighting modes (the 8th mode is MB SYNC), the included ARGB controller can be operated via the front IO C and M buttons and can extend its control for 3 additional ARGB devices.

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