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Lian-Li Case V3000PW Super Tower 4.0mm Black/gray tempered glass White Retail

Lian-Li Case V3000PW Super Tower 4.0mm Black/gray tempered glass White Retail


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V3000 PLUS

• Full tower chassis with 3 modes: Standard/ Rotate/ Dual-System

• Capability to support an EEB motherboard and an ITX motherboard

• Supports up to 3×480 + 1×360 radiators and a maximum of 16 fans

• Two reservoir plates accommodate large D5/ DDC pump

• Stores up to 16 storage drives at drive cages and trays

• Modular removable brackets offer flexibility for builds

• Cable management friendly with 7 Velcro straps

• Available in black and white (GGF Edition)


V3000 PLUS, the legend’s continuation, is an eye-catching full tower chassis. Designed for enthusiasts, the V3000 PLUS offers a great building process and improved thermal control.

• Full Aluminum Exterior

• Exterior Mesh Panel for best possible airflow

• Front ARGB Lighting

• Projected LIAN LI Logo

• Push-pull Hinged Glass Panels

• Toolless SSD Mounting

• Dual Side Tinted Tempered Glass Panel

• Rotatable PSU Bracket for thicker bottom radiator


V3000 PLUS is designed with flexibility and possibilities in mind. Thanks to a removable motherboard tray and an adaptable PSU shroud compartment, the V3000 PLUS can be set in Mode 1 as a standard build, Mode 2 for a rotated motherboard with a unique look, or Mode 3, as a dual system.


V3000 PLUS is designed with enthusiast-level custom water-cooling in mind, leveraging its spacious room for custom loops and endless possibilities.

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