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In-Win Fan IW-FN-ASE120P-3PK Sirius Extreme Pure ASE120P ARGB White 3Pack RTL

In-Win Fan IW-FN-ASE120P-3PK Sirius Extreme Pure ASE120P ARGB White 3Pack RTL


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Distinct Squoval Frame Design Traced with ARGB Lighting
The fans architecture embraces and integrates a unique geometric shape. Coupled with a solid touch of ARGB lighting on both sides of the frame, commanding absolute attention
Optimized PQ Curve for Better Performance
The fan performs its best PQ curve at 1500rpm and can reach up to 54 CFM with a stronger airflow rate compared to other standard fans.
Structural Upgrades Generate Extreme Airflow
Sirius Extreme Pures structure has been strenuously tested to provide optimal air pressure, preventing your PC from overheating.
Intricate Detailing to Meet Your Standards
Sensible frame tactically angled, sickle-shaped blades deliberately designed to push more air, while the ventilation holes are designed to create an extra source of cooling to the fan internals.
14 Lighting Modes with Easy Cable Connections
You have two options to set up your ARGB lighting: 1.) Use the provided ARGB One-Click Controller, which possesses 14 luminescent lighting modes. 2.) Connect the fans directly to a 3-pin, 5V ARGB header on an ARGB motherboard. The choice is yours
The ARGB One-Click Controller is provided when you purchase the triple pack of ASE120. If a single pack is purchased, you can still control the lighting effect by connecting to an ARGB motherboard directly.
Race to Pure Cooling
Sirius Extreme Pure is inspired by Esport gamers that value a pure gaming system. These fans will elevate your gaming rig and case with the vibes and intensity of a race car

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