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In-Win CS IW-CS-DUBILIASB-GLD DUBILI Full Tower 8xPCI-E Orange Warm Gold RTL

In-Win CS IW-CS-DUBILIASB-GLD DUBILI Full Tower 8xPCI-E Orange Warm Gold RTL


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Do Believe

As a product of the iBuildiShare series lineup, DUBILI's existence stems from the InWin philosophy that advocates for creativity and the passion of DIY enthusiasts. Even the name DUBILI pays homage to the iBuildiShare series by being a mashup of “iBuild.”

The DUBILI letters “DU” represents the word “DO,” and “BILI” is an abbreviation for “BELIEVE.” As in, go "Do" something you are passionate about and "Believe" in yourself and your capabilities to do it.

Colossal Structure Composed of Modular Parts

DUBILI’s chassis design consists of modular parts. Users can experience a sense of accomplishment in building this massive tower with their bare hands. Transform this chassis into a marvelous work of art when inspiration strikes those who accept the challenge.

InWin’s Craftsmanship Aesthetic

Every edge, arc, and material serves a purpose. The 4mm-thick brushed aluminium with a stunning diamond-cut finish provides a rugged, accented chassis support. The 1.2 mm steel panels reinforce the durable structure without compromising aesthetics.

Reversible Handles/Feet; Sturdy Enough for Transportation

The dual U-shaped aluminium frame supports can be used as handles or flipped to become feet. So, do you love handles or feet more?

Enhanced Cable Management Kit

DUBILI simplifies cable management by offering more tools such as Cable Shields, Velcro cable ties, rubber grommets, and a large cable management area.

Spacious Interior Engineered to House High-End Hardware

DUBILI provides plenty of space for a high-end PC build. Compatible up to an E-ATX M/B, 430 mm GPU, and 160 mm CPU heatsink. Ample amount of storage drive trays, too.

* Graphics card holder provided for longer/heavier GPUs.

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