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Creative Headset 51EF0980AA000 Creative Chat USB on-ear headset Retail

Creative Headset 51EF0980AA000 Creative Chat USB on-ear headset Retail


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Get ready in seconds with Creative Chat USB, a dedicated USB-C on-ear headset for calls. It works with various platforms ranging from PC, Mac, to gaming consoles, and is compatible with most of the popular conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
From webinar presentations to conference calls, the headset delivers high-definition digital audio, as well as a noise-cancelling condenser microphone with the ability to effectively prioritize voice pickup over background noises. When you need to go hands-free during the call, SmartComms Kits auto mute and two-way noise cancellation features double up as nifty tools while you navigate through your business pitch.
Focus on what matters and enjoy the added convenience for any online chat with Creative Chat USBs simple plug-and play interface, accessible swivel-to-mute microphone, and a built-in remote control.

The Creative Chat USB headset ensures clear quality and reliability with every call, made possible by a noise-cancelling boom microphone that has the ability to filter out unwanted ambient noise in loud environments. This allows you to focus better while capturing your voice effectively, so you can be heard clearly for an uninterrupted call experience.
Dont get caught fumbling your way trying to mute or unmute yourself in a meeting. Simply pull the rotatable microphone down to unmute, and push it back up to its original position to mute. The swivel-to-mute function is easy to use and you will know exactly when you are muted. Alternatively, the Creative Chat USB also comes with a physical mic mute button on the inline remote to toggle between mic mute and unmute.

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