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Creative Headset 51EF0970AA000 Creative Chat 3.5 mm Stereo On-ear Headset

Creative Headset 51EF0970AA000 Creative Chat 3.5 mm Stereo On-ear Headset


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The simple way to talk and listen, Creative Chat is a stereo headset that works on all operating systems and platforms via the standard 3.5 mm analog jack connection.
Compatible with most of the popular conference apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, the headset features a retractable noise-cancelling boom mic with a direct microphone mute switch, perfect for productive work calls.
When youre done with work, the Creative Chat is also tuned to deliver full and rich stereo audio for any media enjoymentmovies, music, and games alike.

Plug in and thats it. The Creative Chat is a simple and straightforward 3.5 mm stereo headset that just works. Its compatible with most of the popular conference call apps too, you name itZoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco WebEx, Facebook Messenger, and Google Meetfuss-free, and worry-free.
Connect to the 4-pole 3.5 mm analog jack on your PC, Mac, or even mobile devices, and be ready for your online calls in seconds.

Be heard without disruptions, from wherever you are. Creative Chat solves the issue of disruptive work calls in noisy environments, whether youre at home or in the office. With a passive noise-cancelling condenser microphone, your voice gets picked up over the surrounding noises and heard clearly by the callers on the other end. This keeps their focus on what you have to say and presents you as an effective communicator.
The built-in boom microphone is also retractable, so you can choose to lift it upwards to get it out of your way when youre not in a call, and back down for a video conference.

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