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ASUS Fan ROG RYUJIN II 240 ARGB AIO liquid CPU cooler 240mm Radiator Retail

ASUS Fan ROG RYUJIN II 240 ARGB AIO liquid CPU cooler 240mm Radiator Retail


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ROG Ryujin II 240 ARGB all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with 3.5" LCD, embedded pump fan and 2x ROG 120mm ARGB radiator fans

Seventh Gen Asetek pump delivers exceptional cooling and minimal noise with an operating range starting at 840 rpm.
3.5" LCD Display for real-time system stats and personalized logos or animations
Quality ROG ARGB fans deliver high airflow and minimal noise
Pump embedded fan that helps to cool VRM and M.2 area
Reinforced, sleeved tubing for increased durability
Styled to complement ROG motherboards, at the center stage of your build
The flagship ROG Ryujin II ARGB all-in-one cooler delivers ultimate thermal performance for gamers looking for the absolute best. With a 7th Generation Asetek pump, ROG ARGB fans, and an embedded fan for the CPU socket area, it harnesses both water and air to provide incredible cooling capabilities. And with an LCD panel that displays system stats and customizable graphics, ROG Ryujin II ARGB become the heart of your system.
LCD Personalization
The 3.5-inch LCD panel on ROG Ryujin II is the largest LCD display on an AIO cooler in the industry and infuses your build with customizable visuals.
To overcome the thermal challenges of the latest multi-core CPUs, ROG Ryujin II ARGB offers ROG ARGB radiator fans that deliver high performance and minimal-noise operation.

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